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Wastewater treatment - sustainably used

   Wastewater treatment

If wastewater, however different its properties may be, is to be treated highly effectively and efficiently, we offer consistent and functionally coordinated technologies and products – through to turnkey plant construction.

Our range of products and services comprises integrated products and systems even for complete turnkey plant construction. Specialist concepts for the reconstruction and energetic optimisation of plants and the development of innovative in-house products and systems are worth mentioning here.

Products & Systems

  • SBR equipment system:
    • Floating vertical agitator
    • Floating SBR clean water removal
    • Automatic clean water removal
  • Precipitant and metering equipment
  • Automatic floating sludge removal
  • Automatic skimming channel
  • Automatic turbid water removal (decanter)
  • Aeration system
  • Load-dependent process control block for energy optimisation


  • Plants with separate modules, optimised mechanically and in control terms
  • Plants with combined tanks, high degree of operating reliability, economic advantages with regard to investment and operating costs
  • SBR plants with load-dependent process management and innovative technology, secure function even in case of load fluctuations
  • TRIUNO compact system for wastewater treatment in a very small space, low space requirement, easily extendable
  • Plants for the treatment of industrial and landfill wastewater, process engineering adaptation to production conditions and wastewater composition
  • Modernisation and maintenance of Stählermatic plants

products and systems