Secure connections for operators and remote stations

operational area | usage

  • On-call service
  • External constructions
  • Remote maintenance

product description

mGuard is a router for secure data connections (VPN) with a firewall that can provide detailed adjustment. With the help of this router, the control system/control network (PLC) can be specifically isolated from the Internet. Accesses to public domains of the Internet from inside and outside are blocked. This protects the critical infrastructure. Secure communication connections (VPN tunnels) are used to ensure that the on-call service personnel can access the system. The VPN tunnel for the on-call service is permanently available, while the VPN tunnel to the remote maintenance centre of the wks group is opened by the operator when required.

It can be switched on and off using a:

  • button in the visualisation system or in the control panel
  • hardware switch
  • script in the computer

Furthermore, mGuard can also check the system integrity. In this process, all files which may potentially contain viruses are checked for changes and, if necessary, an alarm is issued to the system administrator.

constructional features

  • Accesses to/from the control system network can be configured via a firewall
  • Secure dial-up with IPSec VPN tunnels
  • Only one fixed IP in the customer network centre with remote stations necessary
  • Extension of up to 250 VPN tunnels simultaneously possible
  • Encryption certificates
  • wks group remote maintenance access can be switched by the operator
  • Access to remote maintenance is always conducted by wks group


  • Protection of critical infrastructure
  • Controlled, switchable remote access
  • Secure data connection to remote stations
  • Industrial design
  • Testing of system integrity


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contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH