Disc filter system for retaining fine and coarse substances from flowing liquids

operational area | usage

  • Stormwater tanks
  • Combined wastewater tank
  • Sewer storage capacity
  • Flow-dividing structures
  • Pumping stations
  • Inlet structures
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial facilities

product description

A system made of cast iron with coordinated mechanical, hydraulic and control components for retaining floating and swirled fine and coarse solids from municipal waste – water flows in case of stormwater or floods in the inflow to stormwater overflow tanks and wastewater treatment plants or on overflow systems with the same function for industrial wastewater flows. The modular design ensures a high degree of universality for different flow and installation conditions. The adjustable speeds of the filter rotors achieves optimum retention and secure removal of the floating solids. The functionally and energy-efficient effect is additionally increased by control of the filter rotors based on the water level.

constructional features

  • Each filter rotor is driven by attached, controllable hydraulic motors
  • No need for top movable bearing
  • Optimised bearing and comb plates
  • Control system solution for optimisation of the scraping speed, optionally dependent on the water level
  • Design universality and installation beyond the standard 600 mm opening


  • Significant increase in functional safety and reliability due to execution and drive of the filter elements
  • Easy adjustability of the speeds of the filter rotors by means of hydraulic drive
  • System integration of instrumentation and control components for optimisation of the scraping speed
  • Reliable removal of the contamination
  • Good accessibility for maintenance work
  • Reduction in investment and operating costs


Datasheet disc filter system

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager


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