Automatic Turbid Water Removal

Automatic Turbid Water Removal AW-ATAB-15

Turbid water removal for stacked sludge containers with automatic detection of the turbid water zone

operational area | usage

• Sludge containers in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

product description

After the start release the combined removal and sensor unit moves slowly, via a freely movable lifting device, out of the rest position and vertically through the stacked sludge container. As soon as a turbid water layer is detected the unit pauses until the turbid water has been pumped away through a flexible discharge pipe. After the tank has been scanned successfully and the turbid water layers have been removed, the unit returns to the predefined rest position. Turbid water limits, start times and cycles and other parameters can be determined using the hand-held panel or via the control room, depending on the version.

constructional features

The heart of the device is a compact function block with integrated sensor system including cable routing. The submersible pump is fixed onto the underside of the block. This design solution forms a closed unit without the usual approaches (e.g. float switch) for entanglement and entwining. A flexible discharge pipe carries the turbid water to the outside. The cable of the lifting device is fixed to the top part of the function block. The cable made of stainless steel is routed via the boom of a small crane to the winch. The cable winch is attached to a bracket at platform level. Direct accessibility is thus possible. The control system uses the reflection principle, thereby ensuring automatic detection of all turbid water layers and their position in the tank. The whole tank fill is recorded according to the predefined time regime. The data recording enables optimisation of the time regime. Pumping operation is activated and ended according to the set limit values for the turbid water.


  • Fully-automatic, reliable removal through innovative solution (reflection principle) for turbid water and position detection
  • Optimised tank utilisation and improved thickening
  • Compact design largely prevents entanglement and entwining
  • Full integration in the control equipment of the wastewater treatment plant
  • Safe operation due to standard ATEX certification
  • Suitable for any tank type or shape, including tanks with agitators or rakes
  • Good accessibility, virtually maintenance-free
  • Installation possible during on-going operation
  • Substantial savings in sludge disposal costs


Datasheet Automatic Turbid Water Removal

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager

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