Paper and pulp industry

Wastewater quality and process concepts

Paper and pulp manufacture requires substantial quantities of freshwater for the production processes; depending on the size of the business, thiswater can cause correspondingly large quantities of cost-intensive wastewater to be produced. The wastewater produced in the production of paper mainly contains organic substances (COD/BOD5) and calcium, sulphate and chloride loads. The nutrients N and P are largely lacking and have to be added for functioning biologicalwastewater treatment.The organic substances in thewastewater are readily biologically degradable.

Wastewater treatment requirements vary depending on the size of the business and the wastewater quantity. In most cases amulti-stage biological process, consisting of an anaerobic or aerobic high-load stage and aweak-load stage, preferably implemented after the activated sludge process, has proven successful for direct discharge. In Germany the minimum requirements of the wastewater regulations (Abwasserverordnung – AbwV) Annex 28 (production of paper and cardboard) must be complied with for direct discharge of the treatedwastewater into a receivingwater.

The following process steps are used generally for direct treatment ofwastewater fromthe paper and pulp industry:

Process steps:

  • Mechanicalwastewater pretreatment
  • Flotation
  • Storage and homogenisation
  • Neutralisation
  • Biological treatment
    • Anaerobic wastewater treatment
    • Aerobic wastewater treatment (SBR/MBR plants)
  • Nutrient metering (N, P)
  • Calcium elimination
  • Filtration
  • Sludge treatment and energy generation from biogas
  • Waste air treatment
  • Automation (E-I&C technology, process and remote monitoring, etc.)

We offer turnkey, integrated solutions and individual concepts forwater andwastewater treatment in the paperandpulp industry.

The optimum process technology is selected, taking into consideration the operational requirements, the need to minimise disposal quantities and energy consumption and/or to generate energy. This technology can be used for the respective wastewater composition and results in the required discharge limits.

We unite all technical know-how required to implement technical industrial water treatment tasks. From individual advice, development, to production, installation, commissioning, through to maintenance/service and optimisation, we work with strong partners.

Range of products:

  • Filter screens
  • Mixing and balancing tanks/neutralisation
  • Flotation plants
  • Sedimentation basins/buffer basins
  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • Energy generation from biogas
  • Aerobic biological treatment (incl. nitrification and denitrification)
  • Nutrient metering (N, P)
  • Calcium elimination
  • Chemical metering and storage
  • Sludge treatment
    • Sludge dehydration
    • Sludge thickening
    • Sludge drying

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