Sludge thickening / sludge dewatering / sludge drying

operational area | usage

  • Municipal/industrial wastewater treatment
  • Optimum execution in operating costs and process engineering terms by adaptation to plant size

Technology | Process

  • Sludge thickening through static or mechanical thickeners to increase the sludge stacking time or pretreatment for anaerobe sludge treatment
  • Mechanical or thermal sludge dewatering, e.g. of stabilised surplus sludge through aerobic or anaerobic methods, precipitated sludge, primary sludge or mixed primary sludges

Process Engineering Components

  • Sludge treatment technology consisting of:
    • Detailed process engineering of the plant and EI&C technology
    • Process-relevant equipment
    • Automation technology
    • Optimum integration into the existing plant
    • Commissioning, optimisation, training, service
    • Realisation of complete plant


  • Selection of the optimum type of sludge treatment adapted to the plant size and type of sludge recovery resulting in a reduction of operating costs
  • Manufacturer-independent selection of the optimum technology