Installation and commissioning of ion exchangers for the separation of heavy metals in waterworks, filling the resins, converting resins from Na-form to Ca-form

operational area | usage

  • In drinking water treatment of raw water contaminated with heavy metals

Technology | Process

Raw water contaminated with heavy metal flows through the ion exchanger, the heavy metal ions (e.g. nickel or uranium) are taken up by the resin, the resin discharges calcium ions. The resins are delivered in their regenerated form and after they have been poured into the exchanger they are converted into their Ca-form by wks.

Process Engineering Components

  • Technical design
  • Installation of ion exchanger
  • Pouring in the resin and converting to Ca-form
  • Link to E-I&C
  • Piping made of stainless steel or steel-Rilsan
  • Turnkey erection of the plant is possible


  • More economical use of supplies
  • Reduction in chemical use
  • Increase in operational reliability and safety
  • Improvement in drinking water quality

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