Installation and commissioning of ion exchangers for the removal of heavy metals in water purification plants, charging and converting resins from Na-form to Ca-form

operational area | usage

  • In the treatment of drinking and raw water contaminated with heavy metals

Technology | Process

  • Raw water contaminated with heavy metal flows through the ion exchanger, the heavy metal ions (e.g. nickel or uranium) are taken up by the resin, the resin discharges calcium ions
  • The resins are delivered in their regenerated form and after they have been poured into the exchanger they are converted into their Ca-form by wks group.

Process Engineering Components

  • Technical design
  • Installation of ion exchanger
  • Charging and conversion of resins into Ca-form
  • Link to EI&C
  • Piping made of stainless steel or steel-Rilsan
  • Turnkey erection of plants is possible


  • More economical use of supplies
  • Reduction in chemical use
  • Reliable and safe
  • Improvement in drinking water quality