Digester gas/biogas is effectively treated before recovery

operational area | usage

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial plants
  • Biogas plants

Technology | Process

  • Protection of the gas system against penetration of foam and sludge using foam control units, foam traps, gravel filters and flushing equipment
  • Separation of droplets, condensate and particles by using ceramic filters, gas , gas scrubber-driers and gas reheaters
  • Drying, separation of sulphur compounds and siloxane by using controlled addition of air, hydrogen-sulphide scrubbers and activated charcoal filters

Process Engineering Components

  • Technical design
  • Tailormade solutions for adjustment to the existing installation
  • Supply, installation and commissioning
  • Link to E-I&C and automation


  • Efficient gas treatment
  • Reduction in the operating costs of downstream plants such as CHPs
  • Increase in operational reliability and safety

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