Salt load reduction of industrial wastewater with high salt content using the electrodialysis process - an innovation in wastewater treatment

operational area | usage

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • For wastewater or wastewater partial flows with a conductivity of 50 mS/cm or higher, can be used effectively for wastewater quantities of 50 to 500 m³/d
  • Combination with wks metering technology
  • Modular structure
  • Concentrate treatment with membrane distillation through to material recovery possible
  • Seawater and brackish water desalination

Technology | Process

Desalination takes place by means of an electrochemically driven membrane process, in which ion exchanger membranes are used in combination with an electrical potential difference for partial desalination. Wastewater-dependent realisation with pole reversal is possible so that, in combination with suitable treatment chemicals, the treatment can take place under energised conditions. The process is characterised by conductivitydependent, batch-wise operation of the concentrate and diluate flow and electrode rinsing. Depending on the wastewater characteristics, the wastewater is pretreated by suitable filtration
processes. The concentrate (10–20 %) is fed into a concentrate store. The dilute (80–90 %) is added to the further treatment process. Conductivity-dependent control of the batch-wise operation of the diluate and concentration flow. An appropriate control system ensures automatic cleaning with wastewater-specific cleaning chemicals (CIP).

Process Engineering Components

  • Process-relevant equipment for pretreatment
  • Electrodialytic equipment
  • Membrane packages, CIP
  • Automation technology


  • Energy-efficient partial desalination
  • Depending on the membrane selection, selective desalination of 1 valent ions possible
  • Increase in membrane service life by operating with pole reversal
  • Wastewater-specific manufacturerindependent membrane selection
  • Wastewater-specific selection of the optimum CIP recipe

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