Chemical deacidification is carried out by means of a filter process over consumable filter material, e.g. Juraperle (calcium carbonate)

operational area | usage

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Calcite-dissolving water

Technology | Process

Calcite-dissolving water is passed through filters with consumable filter material such as Juraperle. The filter material is delivered in silo vehicles or as bagged goods, is stored in silos and is fed into the filters by means of injector technology. The feeding of the filter material can be automated.

Process Engineering Components

  • Technical design
  • Installation, commissioning
  • Link to E-I&C and automation
  • Piping made of stainless steel or steel-Rilsan
  • Turnkey erection of the plant is possible


  • More economical use of supplies
  • Fewer personnel required
  • Increase in operational reliability and safety
  • Improvement in discharge quality

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