Application-optimised anaerobic wastewater treatment and energy recovery with efficient pre and post-treatment

operational area | usage

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Can be used for COD concentrations of 1,500–20,000 mg/l COD
  • Combination with MAP precipitation and aerobic post-treatment with SBR or aeration plant
  • Combination with wks metering technology
  • Biogas recovery with CHP or micro gas turbine

Technology | Process

The COD in the wastewater is converted into biogas and a small quantity of surplus sludge. The biogas produced is separated and if necessary cleaned or desulphurised. The biogas is recovered by means of CHP or micro gas turbine. The optimum pretreatment, process selection and optimum gas treatment and recovery for the respective application case are selected, depending on the wastewater characteristics. Deepening on the special use conditions, tried and tested anaerobic reactors of European manufacturers are used, for example, UASB, R2S and IC. High process efficiency is achieved as a result of the process integration of the anaerobic and energy technology in the overall solution of the wastewater treatment plant and the application-optimised control of the process steps.


  • Manufacturer-independent selection of the best process management for the special application case
  • Process-optimised pretreatment and post-treatment of the wastewater
  • High process efficiency and process safety
  • Operating cost savings

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