To increase energy efficiency and reduce the quantity of sludge

operational area | usage

  • Municipal / industrial wastewater treatment for up to 10,000 PT
  • Combination with wks products for gas treatment and sludge thickening / sludge dewatering
  • Optimised design and construction to adapt to the plant size
  • Can be implemented as a compact digestion tank, round or oval in shape

Technology | Process

  • Mesophilic sludge stabilisation of the pre-dewatered sludge
  • 15–25 d detention time, depending on the plant size and sludge characteristics
  • Tank circulation by means of digestion tower mixer or gas injection
  • Foam trap for protecting the gas system
  • Plant-specific gas treatment and recovery
  • Process and control engineering optimisation of the wastewater treatment with particular attention to the energetic effectiveness of the anaerobic sludge treatment, e.g. through process changeover from simultaneous aerobic to anaerobic sludge stabilisation

Process Engineering Components

  • Anaerobic sludge treatment technology consisting of:
    • Detailed design of the process engineering, the plant and E-I&C technology
    • Process-relevant equipment (circulation, gas treatment / recovery, etc.)
    • Automation technology for optimisation of the effectiveness of the anaerobic sludge treatment taking into account the wastewater treatment
    • Commissioning /optimisation / training /service
  • Realisation of complete plant


  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of the entire plant
  • Significant reduction in sludge produced
  • Improving the dewatering properties

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