To increase energy efficiency and reduce the quantity of sludge

operational area | usage

  • Municipal / industrial wastewater treatment for up to 10,000 PT (total number of inhabitants and population equivalents)
  • In combination with wks products for gas treatment and sludge thickening / sludge dewatering
  • Optimised design and construction adapted to the plant size
  • This compact digestion tank, can be provided in either round or an oval in shape

Technology | Process

  • Mesophilic sludge stabilisation of dewatered sludge
  • 15–25 days retention time, depending on the plant size and sludge characteristics
  • Tank stirring is carried out eighter by use of a digestion tower mixer, or by gas injection
  • Foam trap for protecttion of the gas system
  • Plant-specific gas treatment and gas recovery
  • Process and control engineering optimisation of the wastewater treatment
  • Particular attention is paid to the energy-effectiveness of the anaerobic sludge treatment occuring thanks to the process changeover from simultaneous aerobic to anaerobic sludge stabilisation

Process Engineering Components

  • Anaerobic sludge treatment technology consisting of:
    • Detailed design of the process engineering, system engineering and EI&C technology
    • Process-relevant equipment (circulation, gas treatment / gas recovery, etc.)
    • Automation technology for optimisation of the effectiveness of the anaerobic sludge treatment taking into account the wastewater treatment
    • Commissioning, optimisation, training, service
  • Realisation of complete plant


  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of the entire plant
  • Significant reduction in sludge production
  • Improved dewatering