Secure support system via the wks remote maintenance centre

operational area | usage

  • Control systems
  • PLC control units

product description

Remote maintenance access for support and optimisation is often necessary for operating an automation system. In order to authorise controlled and secure remote access for wks group employees to customer systems, wks group has set up a remote maintenance centre at its company headquarters. If
required and approved, this centre allows remote access to control systems, control units (PLCs) and other network devices in the customer network. In order that the employee can access the system during a service/support call, the customer must set up a communication connection (VPN tunnel) to the remote maintenance centre. The employee performing the support/optimisation task also dials into the remote maintenance centre and connects to the system. This allows the employee to carry out the work securely and in a locationindependent manner.

constructional features

  • Secure dial-up with IPSec/Open VPN tunnels and certificates
  • The remote station for the remote maintenance access is always the remote maintenance centre of the wks group
  • Logging of remote maintenance sessions (system, time period, employee)
  • The system administrator of the customer has to manage only one (wks) user
  • Setting of access rights via user administration in the remote maintenance centre
  • Central, secure management of customer dial-up data (employees cannot see it)
  • The remote maintenance centre is physically isolated from the wks office network


  • Secure connection dial-up
  • Controlled remote access
  • No administration of wks personnel by the customer
  • No third-party provided involved (cloud)


Datasheet Remote maintenance centre

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH

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