Combined automation and information systems

operational area | usage

  • Continuous data monitoring and connection of network components
  • Transfer of current data to the control system and devices configuration

product description

The network management protocol (SNMP) facilitates smooth communication between network participants. This protocol is a widely used industry standard not likely to become obsolete. UDIS uses SNMP to provide the data system control and to automation processes. This means that network components can be centrally managed, monitored and logged. In the event of an error, the control system generates alarms for all available devices.

constructional features

  • Software environment:
    • SNMP: system-independent
    • UDIS: Windows-based application
    • Optimisation for SCADA control system
  • Relevant network components:
      • UPS (e.g. state of charge, remaining runtime)
      • Server (e.g. working order, capacity use, …)
      • Rooter/switch (e.g. network monitoring)


  • Monitoring of network components
  • Central access to the current status of network components and control system generated error alarms
  • Quick detection and elimination of errors
  • SNMP protocols are supported by many network-compatible elements (standardised protocol)


Datasheet UDIS-SNMP

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH