Coupling systems of device with a wide spectrum of minor-applications

operational area | usage

  • Monitoring and data connection of different systems
  • Devices for online and archive data transmission
  •  Depending on the application, individual number of analog and digital inputs and outputs on the device
  • Devices with top-hat rail mounting
  • Devices with protection up to IP68
  • Devices with variable voltage supply between 9 and 36 V, rechargeable battery

product description

Inventia remote-control devices cover a wide range of applications. The energy autonomous devices are used for data collection and archiving with systems such as elevated tanks. The transmission takes place cyclically. Devices with voltage supply are used for data collection, online data transmission, and as simple control units, for example, for pumping stations.

constructional features

  • GPRS/UMTS transmission
  • Permanent online devices with variable voltage supply and control functions on the device (programmable)
  • Energy self-sufficient data collection modules with cyclic CSV data transmission
  • Online data transmission via OPC DA/OPC UA
  • Archive data generation via CSV data and import into the control system via UDIS


  • Wide variety of devices for various applications
  • Implementation of internal control functions within devices possible
  • Devices with battery supply


Datasheet UDIS-Inventia

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH