Signal transmission and remote monitoring of small stations via IP communication

operational area | usage

  • Pump stations
  • Small purification plants
  • High-level tanks
  • Pressure booster systems

product description

With the help of the new UDIS-FW series, it is possible to transmit signals easily, securely and efficiently via mobile radio, dedicated leased lines, and DSL. For this, the UDIS-FW station has digital and analogue inputs as well as digital outputs. By using the housing of the previously used telecontrol stations with an analogue dial-up modem, these stations can be easily replaced by UDIS-FW. An uninterruptible power supply has been installed to bypass short-term power failures. In the event of a connection failure, no incoming data is lost. The backup of data is made via the OPC-UA internal standard Historical Access on a non-volatile storage medium in the control unit. When the connection is re-established, missing archive data is automatically transferred to the control system via UDIS-SHA. Other features include the 230 V overvoltage protection, the compact IP-66 housing, burglar alarm, a fixed standardised quantity structure and communication via the current OPC-UA standard.

constructional features

  • OPC Unified Architecture
  • 2G, 3G, 4G mobile radio
  • Leased line cable via SHDSL
  • DSL fixed line
  • Archive data via OPC UA Historical Access


  • Standardised transmission protocol
  • Compact dimensions
  • No data loss
  • Data security
  • Easy configuration
  • Replacement of existing telecontrol stations is easily feasible
  • Preferred data communication protocol for Industry 4.0 applications


Datasheet UDIS-FW

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH


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