Clean water removal

Clean water removal AW-HYDRODEK

Water-level guided floating clean water removal device for large discharge quantities up to 1,500 m³/h with optimum process integration and turbiditydependent control of the clean water outflow

operational area | usage

  • SBR wastewater treatment plants
  • Pond wastewater treatment systems
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Water supply plants

product description

The task of clean water removal (decanting) equipment in SBR technology is, after adequate sedimentation of the activated sludge, to separate out the clean water phase, without removing unacceptable quantities of activated or floating sludge at the same time. The new type of design solution guarantees this requirement is fulfilled to a high degree. The system consists of a float combined with an underwater draw-off funnel. Following release of the time regime or turbidity measurement the draw-off funnel is lowered and clean water is drawn off via the movable discharge pipe. Due to the floating design, the discharge equipment follows the water level with any energy input. With the tried and tested wks control system according to the discharge quantity and turbidity, the clean water is removed during the sedimentation phase and thus reduces the process time. After the removal time has expired or increased turbidity measurement the outlet closes again fully-automatically and a new SBR cycle can begin.

constructional features

  • Automatic adaptation to rising and falling water level as a result of pivoted construction
  • Homogeneous, horizontal and low-turbulence surface clean water removal
  • Clean water removal below the water surface in combination with a scumboard prevents the intake of floating sludge
  • Completely closed system during the reaction phases
  • Discharge quantities recorded without additional discharge measurement
  • Dynamic, turbidity control, through which the sedimentation and removal phase is adjusted to the actual sludge settling properties
  • Static support for securing the minimum water level
  • Sizes available for discharge quantities from 250 to 1,500 m³/h


  • Unsinkable construction, water levelguided for replacement volumes up to 50%
  • Arrangement of the inlet opening prevents flowing sludge removal
  • Optimum process sequence with incorporation of the wastewater condition in the tank in the control regime and integration in the process control system, and with it reduction in the process time
  • Increase in process efficiency and thus reduction in costs
  • Bus and ethernet link
  • Good accessibility for maintenance due to the man-accessibility of the device
  • Substantial reduction in storage volume for new designs
  • Suitable for plant extension as a retrofit solution


Datasheet Clean water removal

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager

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