Tank and injector for dosing material into the water stream

operational area | usage

Re-filling used-up filter material into deacidification filters.

Can be used in:

  • Water purification plants
  • Drinking water treatment plants

product description

The apparatus consists of a filter material silo and a solids dosing unit with mechanically and hydraulically coordinated components for dosing of solids (e.g. shell limestone) into the water stream. A covered hopper is connected to a rotary valve feeder under a silo. The solids are pumped by means of a jet pump. The cover is equipped with perspex covered monitoring opening. A purging device ensures the solids are completely discharged.

constructional features

  • Hopper element made of stainless steel
  • Ring water pipe for rinsing out the limestone
  • Hopper cover with plexiglass for visual inspection
  • Connections for gate valve and rotary valve feeder
  • The dosed material is mixed into the water flow by means of a jet pump
  • Installation on adjustable feet
  • Sizes:
    • Connection to solids pump DN 50/65
    • Diameter at top 1,000 mm


  • Easy dosing of the solid quantity
  • Safe and clean handling
  • Refilling of the filter material can be automated
  • Visual inspection through plexiglass pane
  • Easy access for maintenance work
  • Reduced investment and operating costs


Datasheet Solids Injector