Process control systems for acquisition/evaluation of process engineering data of plants

operational area | usage

  • Kassel-Calden wastewater treatment plant, Kasel-Golzig
  • Heltersberg drinking water plant
  • Belgorod biogas plant
  • Infineon industrial plant, Dresden
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plant, Naabtal

product description

Siemens’ WinCC & PCS7 process control systems are used to acquire, visualise, further process and evaluate process data. These are freely-scalable process visualisation systems with powerful functions for monitoring of automated processes. WinCC & PCS7 offer complete SCADA functionality under Windows for all industries – from standalone to distributed multi-user systems with redundant servers and inter-location solutions using Web clients.

Supported protocols/systems:

  • S7-Ethernet, S7-MPI, S7-Profinet, SINAUT
  • OPC Classic, OPC UA
  • S5, 3964R

constructional features

  • Freely scalable
  • For universal use
  • Database system: Microsoft SQL
  • Alerting via ISDN, GSM, internet, VOIP
  • iPhone app for standby call-out service
  • Interface with Microsoft Excel
  • Options for analysing load curves/trends
  • Vector-orientated visualisation
  • WebNavigator for operation via the internet
  • Link to databases and IT systems
  • Extendable via options and add-ons
  • Supports the integration of the client’s own technology-specific XAML and .NET controls via a .NET container


  • Individually usable system
  • Intuitively operable system
  • Highly available
  • Supports redundancy


Datasheet WINCC & PCS7

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH

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