Vertical Agitator

Vertical Agitator AW-HYDROMIX

Floating, vertically acting agitator with flow-optimised arrangement in the tank

operational area | usage

  • SBR wastewater treatment plants
  • Conventional wastewater treatment plants
  • Pond wastewater treatment systems
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Other mixed processes

product description

HydroMIX is a floating service mixer formed as a vertical agitator for complete mixing of the reactor content. Due to automatic adjustment of the circulation capacity to the wastewater condition and the tank fill quantity, an optimum flow is generated, which essentially prevents oxygen input during the anoxic and anaerobic phase. At the same time forced pumping of the floating solids to the unit takes place, and with it automatic remixing. Automatic control of the circulation output increases process effectiveness and reduces energy costs.

constructional features

  • Floating, unsinkable system with attached electric drive, measuring probes and railings, man accessible
  • Agitator is operated by an attached electric motor
  • Optimally arranged in the tank with the help of flow simulation
  • Designed as a low-speed motor
  • Frequency control of the circulation output on the basis of the level and turbidity and thus the sludge settlement properties
  • Sizes are adjusted individually to the tank volume


  • Automatic adjustment to rising or falling water level
  • Uniform mixing of the tank contents as a result of preceding flow simulation
  • Control system ensures optimum circulation capacity (speed) by recording the level and turbidity
  • Increase in process effectiveness and reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional agitators
  • Individually adaptable activation
  • Good, safe accessibility to drive and measuring probes
  • Very suitable as retrofit


Datasheet Vertical Agitator

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager

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