Process control system for visualisation of process engineering data of different types of plants

operational area | usage

  • Eforie, Tambach and Westerland wastewater treatment plants
  • External plants and wastewater treatment plant Ohrdruf
  • Radeberg organic recycling company

product description

With InTouch HMI the firm Wonderware offers a flexible and powerful process control system.

Thanks to a large number of different drivers for coupling controls, extensive possibilities are available for linking data to the process control system. The easy and intuitive user prompting displays this data to the operator in a clear and manageable way. InTouch is mostly used in combination with Videc’s Acron for comprehensive evaluations and records. Remote alerting is frequently implemented via Videc’s Melsys or AIP.

constructional features

  • Standalone or client-server system
  • Database system: Microsoft SQL server
  • Modular expansion capability
  • User and rights/permissions management
  • Flexible and reliable architecture
  • Highly developed script language
  • Data management and data control in realtime
  • Open and expandable structures
  • Template-based development and management
  • Large number of drivers available, e. g. S7 communication, OPC Classic and UA, Modbus TCP
  • Multi-lingual, e. g. German, English, French


  • Intuitive operation
  • Supports redundancy
  • Use of Microsoft ActiveX and .NET
  • Object-based implementation


Datasheet InTouch

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH