Automatic Floating Sludge Extractor

Automatic Floating Sludge Extractor AW-ASSS

Floating, vertically – acting extraction with flow-optimised design, which removes the floating sludge produced constantly independent of the wastewater level in the tank

operational area | usage

  • SBR wastewater treatment plants
  • Conventional wastewater treatment plants
  • Pond wastewater treatment systems
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Other mixed processes

product description

The automatic floating sludge extractor is floating surface removal equipment, which works together optimally with the vertical agitator (AW- HydroMIX) and has been tested and trialled in flow simulation. A special fixing is provided for this on each AW-HydroMIX. All kinds of different floating media can be easily extracted by the electrical submersible pump, even in case of water level fluctuations. The pump type is especially designed and produced for use of the extractor. Special acid protection ensures maximum resistance to chemical exposure and provides good protection properties against all liquid materials.

constructional features

  • Floating, unsinkable system with attached free-flow impeller submersible pump
  • Optimally arranged in the tank with the help of flow simulation
  • Adjustable height suction inlet for optimisation and local adjustment
  • Sizes are adjusted individually to the tank volume


  • Automatic adjustment to rising or falling water level
  • Removal rate adjustable and variable during operation
  • Flow individually adjustable
  • Best possible anti-corrosion protection due to especially selected materials
  • Delivered ready for use
  • Low maintenance design
  • Very suitable as retrofit


Datasheet Automatic Floating Sludge Extractor

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager

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