Flexible HMI / SCADA system: pure web technology

operational area | usage

  • Wolfsgrün wastewater treatment plant
  • Grünhain wastewater treatment plant
  • Aue-Eichert water purification plant
  • Pumping stations

product description

The atvise process control system is the latest generation of SCADA / HMI system, which is based on pure web technology. It is characterised by client-server architecture, in which several users can work simultaneously. atvise is device and operating system-independent, as it is used with a simple standard browser as the visualisation interface. The necessary data is integrated in the system by means of an OPC server.

atvise is mostly used in combination with VIDEC’s Acron for comprehensive evaluations and recordings. The remote alerting is implemented via VIDEC’s Melsys or AIP.

constructional features

  • Client-server architecture
  • Data link by means of OPC-UA or OPC Classic
  • Web server for visualisation
  • Preparation of scalable vector graphics
  • Specific user management and access security
  • Alarm management through OPC UA data access and alarms & conditions
  • Pre-configured dynamisation and objects to choose from
  • Multilingual


  • Device and operating system-independent
  • Intuitive system operation
  • Object-orientated
  • Creation of user-specific object libraries
  • Server and client-side scripts
  • Licence according to currently displayed data points


Datasheet ATVISE

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH