Sewer Flushing Vehicle

Sewer Flushing Vehicle RW-S-KSW

External energy-free, mobile sewer flushing vehicle for resource-efficient cleaning of sewers with medium and large profiles

operational area | usage

  • Sewer dimensions ≥ 1,500 mm
  • Long pipelines
  • Long sewer storage capacities
  • Industrial facilities

product description

The cleaning technology currently used most frequently for wastewater sewers is that of combined high-pressure flushing (jetting) with extraction of the sludge-water mixture. Especially where large sewer nominal sizes are involved, this method has high costs, causes a large impact on the environment and constitutes a substantial risk to the health of the operating personnel. By contrast, the new developed RW-S-KSW is characterised by its lack of a need for external energy, and emissions free and health friendly operation. The RW-S-KSW sewer flushing vehicle is used to remove deposits from large sewers with small gradient, automatically and without external energy (removal of mineral and organic deposits). It is used in a combined wastewater or wastewater sewer. The flowing water pushes the vehicle forwards by means of pondage, braked to approx. 1–10 cm/min (depending on the quantity to be transported). Using the energy from upstream water to downstream water (head to tail), a fixed, defined flushing wave in front of the cleaning shield picks up the deposits in front of the vehicle and transports them downstream in the sewer. The deposits are transported for long distances until a favourable point is reached for removing the cleared material and the equipment. As, after the equipment has been inserted in the sewer, this cleaning method functions completely without external energy and resources, the vehicle can stay in the sewer for a length time to push the deposits without haste and effectively up to the grit trap, without obstructing discharge to the wastewater treatment plant or traffic on the surface. The development was funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, a German environmental foundation.

constructional features

  • Swivel side flaps for adapting to different pipe cross-sections
  • Automatic, controlling overflow flap valves adjusted to water level
  • Streamlined design to avoid the risk of entanglement
  • Hydraulic negative brake for controlling the cleaning speed
  • Modulatable structure for placing the components in the sewer
  • The material and function-optimised constructions are made of stainless steel


  • 100 % environmentally friendly sewer cleaning method (no energy or fresh – water consumption during cleaning)
  • Cost-effective sewer clearance due to low investment and operating costs: 5–10 times more cost-effective than HP cleaning
  • Long cleaning lengths can be serviced and use of suction vehicles reducible
  • Work length only determined by the local circumstances of the sewer network
  • Automatic, external energy-free sewer clearance
  • High operating safety due to unmanned deployment
  • Compared to jetting methods, no risks of sewer damage
  • No obstruction to traffic
  • Improvement in occupational safety and thus highly reduced health and accident risks


Datasheet Sewer Flushing Vehicle

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager

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