Control system for the acquisition/evaluation/visualisation of the process engineering data of plants

operational area | usage

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Drinking water plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Industrial plants

product description

The IDS HIGH-LEIT control system has been developed for applications in the energy and water supply, wastewater and environmental sectors as well as for industrial tasks. Independent of the hardware platform and operating system used, the system offers user-friendly solutions for all process visualisation, monitoring, control and automation tasks.

constructional features

  • Open system, scalable
  • Client – server architecture
  • Object-orientated parameterisation
  • Alerting via SMS, voice output, email, fax, VoIP
  • Client capability
  • Extensive evaluation and display options, load curves, trends
  • Integrated Excel reports
  • Connectivity – functional interactions
  • Additional application-based function modules, e-g- leak monitoring, water demand forecast
  • Integration of interfaces with other systems


  • All modules (evaluation, logging, alerting) from a single source
  • Intuitively operable system
  • Any telecontrol or automation systems can be coupled



contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH

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