Coupling of Beckhoff systems to higher-level process control systems and other automation systems

operational area | usage

  • approx. 150 pumping stations
  • approx. 50 wastewater treatment plants
  • other plants, e. g. raised tanks, booster systems and stormwater overflow tanks

product description

Beckhoff offers a large number of different coupling options. Both the hardware topology and the protocol used can be adapted to the relevant requirements. In addition the controls can be extended by adding modules, according to the respective circumstances. Many other additional options are opened up by using the Soft-PLC technology in conjunction with Windows. These include, e. g. local visualisation, integrated VPN solution and use of Windows-based diagnostic tools such as remote access applications, Wireshark, etc..

constructional features

  • Ethernet/wireless LAN
  • Two-wire bus system
  • Serial connection
Protocols (Selection)
  • EtherCAT
  • ADS communication
  • OPC-UA/OPC-Classic
  • ProfinetIO/Profibus DP
  • Modbus-TCP/Modbus-RTU
  • M-Bus
  • RK512


  • Platform independent as far as the communication partner is concerned
  • Standardised protocols
  • Windows-based
  • Modular expansion capability
  • Diverse possible applications
  • Local visualisation


Datasheet BECKHOFF

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH

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