Coupling of ABB systems to higher-level process control systems and other automation systems

operational area | usage

  • Westerland wastewater treatment plant
  • Bio-Verwertungsgesellschaft Radeberg
  • Fehrow waterworks, Burg
  • Stormwater overflow tank, Potsdam

product description

ABB offers programmable logic controls in different performance levels. These can be extended by adding modules and thus adapted to the relevant requirements. For example, the firm Matrikon provides the “Universal connectivity server” for the OPC couplings (Classic and UA). It handles Modbus and numerous other protocols and thus enables flexible coupling to control systems.

constructional features

Hardware Topology
  • Ethernet/wireless LAN
  • Two-wire bus system
  • Serial connection
Protocols (Selection)
  • Modbus-TCP
  • Profibus DP/CS31/Modbus-RTU
  • OPC Classic/OPC UA


  • Platform independent as far as communication partners are concerned
  • Standardised protocols


Datasheet ABB

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH

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