Coupling of peripheral stations and data transmission with intermediary archive storage

operational area | usage

  • Communal association for drinking water and wastewater Oderaue (Eisenhüttenstadt)
  • Communal association for wastewater Radeberg
  • Communal association for wastewater Leisnig
  • Communal association for wastewater Muldental (Hohentanne)
  • Pumping stations/raised tanks/booster systems

product description

The remote-control technology of SAE or Gefec can be used to record analog and digital data of small plants and store it temporarily on site. It is also possible to coupled PLCs via a bus protocol. The data is continuously and cyclically transmitted to the control centre. Stations can transmit their data to the data centre via other stations, according to the existing communication structures. Visualisation, evaluation and logging take place within the control system.

constructional features

  • Compact stations with little space and integrated UPS
  • Modular stations with flexible I/O structure
  • Coupling of different PLCs via bus protocol, e. g. RK 512
  • Cascading of substations is possible
  • Temporary archive storage within the substation
  • Different communication channels (leased line, dial-up line, GMS)
  • Coupling with Hydrodat V8 / SCADA V10


  • Information about peripheral stations is available within the central control system
  • Central alerting and alarm configuration possible
  • Continuous archiving of the data for evaluation and logging


Datasheet SAE & GEFEC

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH