Transmission of signals from outside structures to the control system via a standardised interface

operational area | usage

  • Monitoring of very small plants
  • Autonomous stations
  • Recording of meter readings
  • Offline data logging

product description

The UDIS software prepares the incoming data from different remote-control devices by means of SMS, modem, GPRS or FTP connection and, with the help of the OPC technology, makes it available for the control system, e.g. SCADA V10. The data sent is set to an uniform state and is forwarded to the process control system, e.g. SCADA V10, for evaluation, processing and logging.

  • UDIS – Inventia
  • UDIS – FW
  • UDIS –  IO
  • UDIS – ODP (Open Data Port)
  • UDIS – D2W (Device to Web)
  • UDIS – Sensus
  • UDIS – ACS-Control
  • UDIS – Nicos


  • Provides a unified basis for pre-processing and provision of process data
  • Universal application with various remote-controlled devices and stations
  • Compatible with different control systems
  • More efficient and higher quality data processing, does not hinder any of the advantages offered by the control systems
  • Data is concentrated within a control system, operation of other software unnecessary
  • Easy administration
  • Cost-effective solution for very small plants
  • Reduction of personnel and operating costs
  • Permanent further development to support other devices


Datasheet UDIS

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH