Transmission of data from Sensus-Xenon water meters to a control system

operational area | usage

  • Elevated tank (Niesky)
  • Pumping stations (Niesky)
  • Inline water meters (Niesky)

product description

Sensus Xenon devices are suitable for connecting to mechanical water meters with reed contact or minibus connection. They can record 2 water meter readings.

These are transmitted to the “watchmyhome.de” data server. By configuring quantity limits, automated alarms for pipe burst/leakage are generated and transmitted. These data are made available to UDIS control systems by means of OPC.

constructional features

  • Transmission of 2 meter readings with online and archive data by GPRS
  • Cyclical and event-orientated transmission of the current process state
  • Remote configuration possible
  • Automatic control system provision data


  • Energy autonomy for 10 years
  • Standardised OPC interface through UDIS for diverse control systems
  • Central meter data acquisition within the control system
  • Manual measured value reading no longer necessary


Datasheet UDIS-Sensus

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH