Autonomous transmission of fill levels to a control system

operational area | usage

  • Elevated tanks (e.g. HB Arnsdorf)
  • Groundwater level measurements (e.g. Schwarze Pumpe)
  • Level measurements

product description

The “GSM-3000” module made by “ACS Control System” is used for autonomous remote data transmission of recorded levels from Hydrolog 1000 and 3000 level probes. The levels recorded (autonomous system) are transferred to an FTP server where they are saved as an archive file. These archives are decompressed by UDIS, prepared and the measured data are relayed to control systems by means of OPC.

constructional features

  • Transmission of levels with online and archive data by GPRS
  • Cyclical and event-orientated transmission of the current process state
  • Data storage on FTP server
  • Automatic control system data provision


  • Energy autonomy for more than 5 years
  • Standardised OPC interface through UDIS for diverse control systems
  • Central level recording in the control system
  • No need for manual recording of the levels necessary


Datasheet UDIS-ACS-Control

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH