Transmission of archives from the Nicos process control system into SCADA V10

operational area | usage

  • Stormwater overflow tank (Plauen)
  • Pumping stations (Plauen)

product description

The Nicos control system is used, among other things, for coupling to Nivus Datacont devices and the RÜB controller. Once a day, these devices transmit a status message together with the archives of the last 24 h. If a fault occurs, further data transfer is initialised in addition to the routine message, in order to transmit the fault. The Nicos system receives this data and stores it in its archive. In addition, these archives are available as CSV data. This is read in by UDIS and is transferred to the SCADA V10 control system.

constructional features

  • Transmission of the process image with online and archive values by dialup or GSM modem
  • Cyclical and event-orientated transmission of the current process state
  • Automatic provision of the data for the control system


  • Standardised OPC interface through UDIS for many different control systems
  • Central data acquisition in a control system
  • No need for users to use several control systems


Datasheet UDIS-NICOS

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH


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