Digital logging of systems operating data without field communication infrastructure

operational area | usage

  • Can be used in any industry where measured dat needs to be recorded manually
  • In small offline systems: recording of energy, water, consumption metres
  • In automated systems: recording of laboratory values
  • Developed in collaboration with communal association for wastewater Mittleres Erzgebirgsvorland, Eigenbetrieb Hainichen

product description

At present, various systems and measuring points cannot be equipped with networked automation technology resulting in long-range
remote data recording not being possible. This is where the Offline Data Logger (ODL) comes in to assist. The ODL is designed for the easy and convenient logging of measured data and it replaces handwritten notes. The system is conveniently identified by a QR code and measured data is displayed on a touchscreen user interface, with which, the user can enter and save current or time-delayed measured data. In addition, archive data for each data point is displayed graphically and in tabular form.

An archive-supported plausibility check (also available offline) supports the operator and points out system/plant problems. This plausibility test can be maintained, optimised and expanded by the customer in an Excel configuration file.

Excel formulas can also be used to generate complex connections between different data points and dynamic message texts. The measured data will then be synchronized with the server as a csv file with an existing network connection and be automatically entered into the database by the wks UDIS software. Next, a database excerpt will be compiled with the measurements from the previous day and synchronized on all tablets.

New: With the appropriate configuration, measured data can also be entered retrospectively. In addition, text comments can be added.

constructional features

  • Windows-based application
  • Can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with third-party programs (e.g. UDIS, SCADA)
  • Tablets are identical (except for the computer name) → after one tablet is set up (ODS, Kanio, Lovion, Office or others), the system can be mirrored on the other tablets
  • Windows Group Policy can be used to administrate tablets, e.g. allowed settings, programs or network connections for the user protects the system integrity against misbehavior or external users
  • Synchronisation through the Windows task control is possible, or with the wks FileSyncer


  • Quick logging of offline data
  • Handwritten notes susceptible to errors are no longer necessary
  • Offline plausibility check on-site → repeated site visits unnecessary
  • Automatic data maintenance in the SCADA V10 database → prompt data availability for the operating log and energy management
  • Powerful, customisable analysis functions
  •  Easy tablet setup


Datasheet Offline Data Logger

contact person

Axel Marx
Managing Director wks Automation GmbH