You will find chosen credentials of the wks group below.

Wastewater treatment plant Naabtal (Dairy Industry)

Referenz KA Naabtal - wks group

process water treatment plant for DEK Berlin (Drinks Industry)

Partial process of membrane bioreactor

Wastewater treatment plant Dresden-Kaditz

Expansion of aeration plant - Upstream denitrification

Referenz KA Kaditz - wks group

Wastewater treatment plant Bergen

Sewage sludge treatment plant

Referenz KA Bergen - wks group

Industrial wastewater treatment plant (IAR) Hünfeld – Hochwald Foods GmbH

New construction

Referenz KA Hünfeld - wks group

Hill/retrofitting Elbe dikes in Stetzsch and Gohlis and construction of the second line of dykes in Cossebaude

Referenz Elbdeiche Stetzsch/Gohlis & Deichlinie Cossebaude - wks group

Waterworks Weyer

Conversion/new construction

Referenz WW Weyer - wks group

Sewage treatment plant Weißenfels

New construction membrane plant and sludge dewatering, Expansion of input and intermediate pumping station

Referenz KA Weißenfels - wks group

Schwarze Pumpe rainwater treatment plant

Renovation of the rainwater sewage treatment plant

Referenz Regenwasserkläranlage Industriepark Schwarze Pumpe - wks group

Schwarze Pumpe ABA II sewage treatment plant

Expansion (industrial and business park)

Referenz ABA II Industriepark Schwarze Pumpe - wks group