You will find chosen credentials of the wks group below.

Wastewater treatment plant Naabtal (Dairy Industry)

process water treatment plant for DEK Berlin (Drinks Industry)

Partial process of membrane bioreactor

Wastewater treatment plant Dresden-Kaditz

Expansion of aeration plant - Upstream denitrification

Wastewater treatment plant Bergen

Sewage sludge treatment plant

Industrial wastewater treatment plant (IAR) Hünfeld – Hochwald Foods GmbH

New construction

Hill/retrofitting Elbe dikes in Stetzsch and Gohlis and construction of the second line of dykes in Cossebaude

Waterworks Weyer

Conversion/new construction

Sewage treatment plant Weißenfels

New construction membrane plant and sludge dewatering, Expansion of input and intermediate pumping station

Schwarze Pumpe rainwater treatment plant

Renovation of the rainwater sewage treatment plant

Schwarze Pumpe ABA II sewage treatment plant

Expansion (industrial and business park)