wks group - Energiegewinnung / Energy Generation

   Energy generation

Because wastewater can be used more sustainably, we integrate the right technologies and products so that usable energy can be generated from treated recoverables.

The Energy business area optimally complements the activities in the fields of water, wastewater and sludge. The aim is to provide high-quality and reliable plants. Profitability and efficiency, even in future operations, play a central role here. With its comprehensive knowledge in the construction of drinking water, wastewater and sludge treatment plants, the Nohra (Thuringia) branch of wks Technik GmbH has developed and established itself as a reliable components and systems vendor, especially in the renewable energies business segment.

Systems & Plants

  • Technical equipment for sludge recovery by means of digestion with the selected components: sludge pumping station, pre- and post thickeners, digester equipment, drying, sludge pumping, heating and ventilation systems
  • Technical equipment for gas recovery with the selected components: gas storage and gas flare, gas drying and gas scrubbing, gas booster, CHP module for producing electrical energy and heat (combined heat and power generation or cogeneration)