Scum-board RW-T-F, RW-T-RS, RW-T-VS

Scum-boards hold back solid and liquid floating debris from upstream water - Scum-board, fixed installation [RW-T-F] · Scum-board, radial floating action [RW-T-RS] · Scum-board, vertical floating action [RW-T-VS]

operational area | usage

  • Stormwater tanks
  • Combined rain wastewater tanks
  • Sewers
  • Flow-dividing structures
  • Pumping stations
  • Inlet structures
  • Open bodies of water
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial facilities

product description

It is the vertical plates of the scum-boards which largely retain solid or liquid floating debris in the upstream water. Their immersion depth, distance from the sill and from the bottom are all factors that must be carefully considered in order for the system to function optimally.

The effective retention of floating solids can be significantly affected by strong currents, turbulence, suspended substances in the layer of water between the surface and the bottom, as well as by other factors. These various effects can be reduced by selecting a suitable scum-board type (e.g. RW-T-RS or RW-T-VS) according to the specific conditions. The RW-T-RS and RW-T-VS type scum-boards have the significant functional advantage that their protrusions above the water level and their immersion depths always remain constant even if the water level changes. In comparison, the RW-T-F scum-board makes it impossible for floating debris to “swim beneath” its sill. In the situation where permanent pondage is an issue, we recommend using a type RW-T-F scum-board.

constructional features

  • Scumboards are made of stainless-steel or GRP
  • Customisable
  • Variety of fixings and bearings available
  • Possible coupled segment design
  • Standard available overall lengths between 0.5–25 m, customisationpossible
  • Easily combined with adjustable sharpedged weir crests


  • Effective retention of floating solids
  • Minimum maintenance requirement
  • Easily combined with adjustable weir crests
  • Possible use on curved sills
  • Retrofittable
  • Cost-effective


Datasheet Scum-board