Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger

Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger E-WT80/125/4000

Reliable heat exchanger for heating or cooling liquids and gases

operational area | usage

Digester gas recovery/gas cleaning in:

  • Wastewater treatment plants with sludge recovery / digestion towers
  • Biogas plants
  • Industrial plants

product description

The heat exchanger consists of a double pipe (so-called “pipe-in-pipe”). Water, for healting or cooling, is passed through the gap between the outer and inner pipes. Its function in a digestion tower is for heating or cooling sludge, and for cooling digester gas.

Thanks to its design there is only a slight risk of blockage and minor losses in pressure. The double-pipe heat exchanger is designed for thermal optimisation of the digestion process.

The waste heat of the digested sludge and the digester gas is used to pre-heat raw sludge.

constructional features

  • Paired welded stainless-steel design of pipes made from different materials
  • Dimensions up to DN 400, length 1000 mm to 6000 mm, any number can be connected in series
  • Execution as a pipe system or as a compact design


  • Compact and reliable design
  • Low riskof blockage
  • Minor pressure losses
  • Adaptation to an existing setup, as a substitute solution or as an add-on possible


Datasheet Double Pipe Heat Exchanger