Weirs for controllable water level maintenance and backwater and flood protection

operational area | usage

  • Overflow (relief) structures
  • Stormwater and combined wastewater tanks
  • Sewer storage capacity
  • Flow-dividing structures
  • Pumping stations
  • Inlet structures
  • Open bodies of water
  • Industrial facilities

product description

Weirs are often designed and used on overflow sills and are used to hold back the water upstream of the weir up to a defined level. To this end the weir shutters are usually in the maximum upright position. The weir shutters of the RW-W-MEC respond, without external energy, as the result of a water pressure that builds up. The systems of the RW-W-ELT and RW-W-HYD act according to measurements and the introduction of control energy. They can be used to keep an adjustable upstream water level constant. After the events recede the weir shutters return to their original, planned position.

constructional features

  • Weirs are made of diverse stainless steel grades or if applicable GRP
  • Optimised use of materials
  • Medium-optimised
  • Variable type of fixing or bearing
  • Retrofittable
  • Available overall heights and lengths by arrangement
  • External energy, if measurements and regulating actions are to be carried out
  • Possible drives with explosion protection


  • Reliable adherence to the overflow start or operating water level
  • Free from external energy or energy for measurement and/or control
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Easy to retrofit


Datasheet Weir

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager

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