Foam Trap

Foam Trap E-SF80

Separator for protecting a gas system from foam

operational area | usage

Digester gas recovery/gas cleaning in:

  • Wastewater treatment plants with sludge recovery / digestion towers
  • Biogas plants

product description

Positioned on the digestion tower, outside the gas chamber, directly above the sludge bag. The foam trap consists of a stainless steel tank with diverse connections and spraying equipment. If foam is produced the gas flowing through the tank is sprayed with water and the foam is separated.

The spraying process is triggered by a sensor. The separated foam is fed from the digestion tower into the sludge bag.

constructional features

  • Stainless-steel tank with gas inlet and gas outlet
  • Flushing equipment with connections
  • Sensor technology and control via process control system
  • Inspection glass for visual inspection
  • Conical head with siphon
  • Sizes for connections DN 50 to 200


  • Tried & tested, reliable solution
  • Reliable foam detection
  • Automatic foam separation control
  • Automation via the process control system possible
  • Easy to clean
  • Individual adaptation to existing setup, as a substitute solution or as an add-on possible


Datasheet Foam Trap