End Position Cleaning

End Position Cleaning RW-R-ER

Fully integrated solution for cleaning the end positions of HSR screens largely prevents entanglement and solidification of screenings

operational area | usage

  • Cleaning the end positions of horizontal bar screens

product description

The end position cleaning consists of a skimming comb, which is mounted on a roller at each end of an existing screen (Model: R-HSR). This element including its control is fully integrated in the existing hydraulic system. If the existing cleaning comb of the R-HSR moves to the end position, the end position cleaner folds inwards and with its inclined discharge edge forms an end position for the screenings. As a result, even larger screenings in the sewer can be discharged. If the end position comb moves in the opposite direction, the end position cleaner also moves its position from the inside to the outside and ejects further screening back into the sewer.

constructional features

  • The screenings are transported in the flow direction along the screen area
  • Discharge and transport further of the coarse solids and the retained fine solids at the end of the screen by electrohydraulically actuated coarse solid transport unit
  • The screenings skimmed off and are transported into the inlet channel
  • Rotating disc roll body with transport rakes and skimmers mounted at both ends of the screen
  • Residue-free cleaning, including between the bars
  • Minimum cleaning depth 1.5 x bar depth
  • Event-orientated control


  • Complete integration of the end position cleaning in the existing hydraulic system
  • Functional sequence and control of the end position cleaning is fully integrated into the cleaning system of the existing R-HSR
  • Component design adapts to each R-HSR
  • Its use minimises the problems of end position entanglement and solidification at the end positions or end of the screen
  • Use of the end position cleaning optimises the screen area of the R-HSR and a larger usable screen area results
  • Faster, more cost-effective replacement of spare parts due to intelligent design
  • Available for every R-HSR type and size


Datasheet end position cleaning

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager


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