Flushing Flap

Flushing Flap RW-S-KLA

Surge cleaning of deposits in tanks and sewers with low internal height

operational area | usage

  • Stormwater tanks
  • Combined wastewater tank
  • Sewer storage capacity
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial facilities

product description

Within the scope of an automated cleaning program the RW-S-KLA flushing flaps are locked and the flushing chambers are filled with drinking water, raw water, surface water, treated or under certain circumstances untreated combined wastewater. The filling process ends when the flushing chambers are completely full. The control program now checks whether the event is ended and the complete flushing sump volume is available. The whole process should be completed after 30 to max. 60 minutes. The possibility of automatic follow-up flushing is to be targeted. Closed-loop controls are recommended for possible intermediate or shortterm subsequent events.

constructional features

Type RW-S-KLA flushing flaps are flaps with optimised material and weight, designed for pondage of a relatively large quantity of flushing water in a flushing water chamber. This flushing system in conjunction with measurements and mechanisms causes the closure or opening of the flushing flaps. The dimensions of the flap or the number of flaps are designed and installed individually for each specific project. No mechanical noises produced. As an equipment supplier we also provide information about forming gradients, flushing chambers, flushing water, controls, flushing sump size and if applicable emptying, etc.


  • High operational reliability
  • Good cleaning results
  • Highly reduced health and accident hazards
  • Individually adaptable


Datasheet Flushing Flap

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager


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