Backflow Trap

Backflow Trap RW-A-RSK

A simple solution for the containment and release of overflow water whilst simultaneously preventing the entry of backed-up downstream water

operational area | usage

  • Flow-dividing structures
  • Stormwater overflow tank / reservoirs
  • Pumping stations
  • Watercourse inlets
  • Industrial facilities

product description

Backflow traps are a reliable solutions for resistance-free passage of the maximum overflow water from a structure and the reliable prevention of entry of backed-up downstream water into a structure. In the case of flooding, the backflow trap allows overflow in the floating configuration or rather the RW-A-RSK opens as the result of the build up of pressure.

At very low discharge volumes, it is necessary to remove residual water in order to minimise deposits and odors.

In high flooding events where a reverse flow occurs, the pressure of the reverse flow forces the trap shup and prevents backflow of water into the system.

constructional features

RW-A-RSK are designs with the best suited materials (diverse grades of stainless steel, plastic or GRP) for optimum function. The specific sizes and types used correspond to the technical conditions of the project and to the requested specifications of the client. Any necessary emptying of residual water can be carried out at the trap entrance or at some other suitable position.

Floating backflow traps should also be considered as possible specialised solutions. Backflow traps are therefore designed, produced and delivered for a specific project, and are installed ready to use.


  • High reliability
  • Low investment and operating costs thanks to a simple design and function
  • Effective protection against unauthorised access
  • Easy operation and maintenance conditions


Datasheet Backflow Trap