Hydraulic Protection

Hydraulic Protection E-HS 300 –20/+60 bar

Protection of digestion towers and similar plants from excess or insufficient pressure with the help of a hydraulic seal

operational area | usage

Digester gas recovery/gas cleaning in:

  • Wastewater treatment plants with sludge recovery / digestion towers
  • Biogas plants
  • Industrial plants

product description

The hydraulic protection is installed in the gas dome or directly into a wall. The hydraulic seal within the stainless-steel tank separates the gas chamber from the atmosphere. The hydraulic seal is monitored by a sensor and responds to a low water level. This monitoring enables automatic water refilling. By varying the pipe diameters and lengths, almost any insufficiency or excess of pressures can be handled.

constructional features

  • Flange-mounting of 3 stainless-steel bodies eigher directly to the digestion tower in the vicinity of the gas dome or in adjacent masonry
  • Automatic monitoring by tester
  • Automatic feeding possible
  • Hydraulic protection in ranges from –100 to +100 mbar possible
  • Outside diameters from 150 to 1,000 mm possible


  • Compact, simple and reliable design
  • No risk from frost
  • Automatic monitoring and refilling possible
  • Different pressure ranges can be implemented
  • Customisable to an existing setup


Datasheet Hydraulic Protection