Flow Control System

Flow Control System RW-D-ELT, RW-D-MEC

The task of flow restrictors/discharge controllers is to limit the discharge quantity from retention chambers to an electronically settable or level-controlled value.

operational area | usage

  • Flow restrictor manholes
  • Flow-dividing structures
  • Stormwater overflow tank (RÜB)
  • Pumping stations
  • Water treatment
  • Industrial facilities

product description

The adjustable and operationally reliable RW- D-ELT respond to states upstream and downstream of the RW-D-ELT. The states on the upstream side as well as on the downstream side are therefore recorded and are automatically compared with the respective set parameters. As soon as the flow rate approaches the setpoint value the flow opening of the RW-D-ELT is reduced. The flow opening is permanently adjusted to correspond to the inlet pressure. Exceeding of the adjustable setpoint value is avoided. In technically related special cases it is possible to use intermittent operation. Possible blockages in the main sewer are controlled by means of an automatic flushing program or via a manual or automatic bypass.

constructional features

RW-D-ELT are material and functionally optimised designs made of stainless steel of diverse grades with project-based drives and instrumentation and control technology. The nominal sizes and equipment fitouts conform to the ATV standards or correspond to the technical conditions of the project and the specifications of the client. The dimensions and forms of the RW-D-ELT are therefore designed and installed for each individual project.


  • Fully automatic discharge control
  • Type series in modular design
  • Optimised investment and operating costs
  • Automatic flushing programs
  • Good operating and maintenance conditions


Datasheet Flow Control System

contact person

Holger Wünsch
Product manager


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