Gas Dome

Gas Dome E-GD

Compact equipment for gas cleaning mounted on digestion towers as the final stage

operational area | usage

Digester gas recovery / gas cleaning in:

  • Wastewater treatment plants with sludge recovery / digestion towers
  • Biogas plants

product description

The gas dome is positioned on the digestion tower and contains the components necessary for digestion operation such as: level measurement, foam detection, foam control, hydraulic protection, an inspection glass, gas removal equipment and the agitator.

constructional features

  • Stainless-steel plate with connections to the digestion tower
  • Compact configuration of the agitator, gas removal, hydraulic protection and spraying equipment
  • Function monitoring by sensors
  • Optional inspection via observation glass
  • Sizes DN 800 to DN 2,000


  • Tried & tested, reliable solution
  • Compact solution
  • Small surface as domed external shape
  • Individual adaptation to existing setup, as a substitute solution or as an extension possible


Datasheet Gas Dome